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From small interviews that require just a one-person crew, to medium-sized productions, Joy Factory is capable of bringing together and managing the right people for the right jobs with a growing list of contractors to work with. With a focus on Education, Joy Factory can accurately get your message across to your potential client, students and teachers, broader audience with a well-rounded equipment base that rivals that of an Indie movie.


Story-telling is what Joy Factory has always thrived at, capable of taking interviews and crafting them into a compelling story arch that creates more than just a series of questions and answers, but captures a feeling.

Script Writing

Creative writing and short scripts have always been a Joy Factory fortay. A skill cultivated from 3 years of Post Secondary English, 10 years song-writing and 11 more crafting scripts for a plethora of clients with a wide-range of needs. Let's create your story.


Photography, consulting or just general industry advice. Ask away and if Joy Factory can't take care of it, you'll be pointed in the right direction.

Case Studies


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Streamline Solutions wanted to showcase their product and approached Joy Factory to come up with a solution of portraying an abstract concept in 2D space. It was decided scripted shots with motion graphics were the way to go. Shots were planned to showcase things like follow distance, speed, and fuel economy, allowing the information not only be shown on screen, but understood better.

Joy Factory really worked to not only capture the vision of what he had in mind, but bring elements that we hadn't even thought of. The video we have has helped us communicate more effectively to our potential clients and end-users how NaviLink works and its measurable benefits.

SD73 Grad 2020

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In 2020 a certain event took place, and it meant that a lot of other events couldn’t take place, at least not in their normal form. School District 73 approached Joy Factory to inquire about the possibility of getting ever grad in the District filmed while maintaining proper social distancing. This school district spans from Logan Lake to Chase to Clearwater, so this was a rather large undertaking. With the help of numerous local filmmakers, it was pulled off and helped every grad have the experience of walking across the stage with maybe not the same fanfare, but with the same pride on the faces of their parents they would have received regardless. It made every trip more intimate and more special that what would have happened otherwise. At the final 4 day shoot at Sahali Secondary, Nathan was in charge of both cameras, taking a photo of each student for reference, writing down names and awards, and took on the roll of DJ as well. At the end of the project, with the help of Gravity Fair, Nathan created a highlight video to tell the story of all the Valedictorians and the challenges they’d been through.

Joy Factory Films is our go-to video production company because we always get a high-quality result with great visuals, prompt editing, and a finished product that is exactly what we asked for – often with an intuitive and welcome addition we hadn’t considered.

Spiral of Inquiry

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The Spiral of Inquiry is a tool used in classrooms and schools around the province to help with Indigenizing Curriculums and promoting equality throughout the school districts. In 2018, Joy Factory was brought on to capture interviews with students and faculty in different locations around the project, continuing the series in 2019 and then working on teaching videos that will be shared worldwide in 2020. The initiative has been an incredible success and the potential for it to make changes in education community is massive. With his background in education, Nathan has been at almost every shoot for this project since it started, including -20 weather in Smithers, 15 interviews in 7 hours at 3 different schools in Prince Rupert, and freezing rain on the way back from a shoot in Oliver.

Joy Factory is well named as it is a real joy to work with Nathan and the team. Nathan’s ability to see the essence of a story and capture it on video is helping us share the great work that is happening in schools.

Tulo Centre: School For Indigenous Economics

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The Tulo Centre is a Kamloops based school that specializes in Indigenous economics. A long running client, they approach Joy Factory with a new and unique challenge: an online game with numerous scenarios to choose from that, when all potential outcomes were chosen, had a “reward” outcome of an animated video. Tulo provided the program, while Neil Manuel Creative got to work on matching the branding and colour scheme for the 5 locations, 6 Scenarios, and 23 possible advantages to choose from. Nathan worked with Christo Vutev as Creative Director, finalizing scripts and options for the outcomes as managing changes. Towards the end the project, in order to meet deadlines, Calvin Kuntz was brought on to work with Christo on Sound Design.

If you’re seeking a listless, lacklustre, run-of-the-mill effort... then keep looking pal cause this ain’t it. This is the only collection of people that we consider innovative, inspired and just as crazy as us to bring an ambitious project like this together in such a short time. Quality. Creativity. Professionalism.

If you’re seeking a listless, lacklustre, run-of-the-mill effort…. then keep looking pal cause this ain’t it.

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