We create commercials and films that challenge the conventional ideas of Kamloops media while remaining professional and true to our ideals and vision.

Our strength is capturing ideas, human emotion and beauty through cinema.


Nathan Froese

Owner & Operator

Calvin Kuntz

Lead Editor & Cinematographer

Neil Manuel

Marketing & Design

Josef Perszon

Editor & Cinematographer

Hope Mikal

Production & Communications Manager


Have you heard of #Dronestagram! Its like Instagram, but for drones! #DronePhotography #DroneVideography https://t.co/BQAuv9BrkJ

Sometimes we can't talk about our current projects, but this afternoon.. Let's just say, it'll be delicious! 😍#TopSecret #VideographerNinja

BECAUSE SPORTS. #FacesOfNeil @ Kamloops, British Columbia https://t.co/s60irdhigr

Here's some great tips on using videos on your business's Twitter account! 🙌🏻 https://t.co/ZTlJJ8yGbm

The summer season means lots of wedding edits! Here's a #TimelineTuesday of Aimee and Benny's #WeddingFilm in Knuts… https://t.co/FZomxSFOmU

Did you know that you're 53% more likely to show up with Google's SEO when a video is embedded in your site? #MarketingMonday

Can you help us translate an English voiceover to text in Mandarin? Paid gig! Send us an e-mail! #Kamloopshttps://t.co/aO2JK9KFYU

We love #Kamloops and we're so grateful to live, work and play in such a great community! https://t.co/jjMf2GzMV6

"Good art is not what it looks like, but what it does to us." - Roy Adzak #FacesOfNeilhttps://t.co/2trFVmepB1

Hiking expeditions on @hopemikal's list: Mt. Robson, the PCT and the Camino. Read more: https://t.co/GsveMkxv9Y #Kamloops #MeetTheJoyFactory