We create commercials and films that challenge the conventional ideas of Kamloops media while remaining professional and true to our ideals and vision.

Our strength is capturing ideas, human emotion and beauty.


Nathan Froese

Owner & Operator

Calvin Kuntz

Animator & Editor

Neil Manuel

Marketing & Design

Josef Perszon

Editor & Cinematographer

Hope Mikal

Production & Communications Manager

Liam Hall

Lead Cinematographer & Editor


Fun fact alert: 75% of mobile web traffic will be filtered through by video content by the year 2020. #marketingmonday

A little behind the scenes action from this afternoon’s shoot! #mytru #lightscameraactionhttps://t.co/646wybu0tM

#MyCityMonday —— ”Travel light. Live light. Spread the light. Be the light.” - Unknown Tag your… https://t.co/5vp82CDdlW

Shout out to @TRUSU15 VP Janelle Lapointe for repping our classic tee! #Kamloops #MyTRU https://t.co/vTdZfHhW9S

“Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!” - Mad Max, Fury Road (2015) #wheresnathanworking @ Joy… https://t.co/kV9gxLrkpQ

Here's a good laugh for you. https://t.co/ntu4SEQXDL #HowToBeAFilmMaker #FilmProduction #Comedy

When it’s midweek and Liam is learning how to use motion tracking while #FacesOfNeil is at the… https://t.co/Y5tdY8DvZR

This about sums it up - haha. 😂 #KamloopsVideoProduction #KamloopsFilmProduction https://t.co/ZrMmfbAB2c

Here's something neat that is going on in our #KICCommunity. Spread the word, fellow techies! https://t.co/7qLEsCi6nF

Excited to see this course being offered by @TNFC + Ian Weir! https://t.co/rdPRN9PtSI