We create commercials and films that challenge the conventional ideas of Kamloops media while remaining professional and true to our ideals and vision.

Our strength is capturing ideas, human emotion and beauty.


Nathan Froese

Owner & Operator

Calvin Kuntz

Animator & Editor

Neil Manuel

Marketing & Design

Josef Perszon

Editor & Cinematographer

Hope Mikal

Production & Communications Manager

Liam Hall

Lead Cinematographer & Editor


This is our first #TimelineTuesday without an image - but check out all of this color coded footage for The Finch G… https://t.co/0giffHxkTI

When you leave your trunk open and leave town for a shoot... we have to tell Twitter about it. @josefperszonhttps://t.co/NwZEAzaQvj

Are you hiding in your den this weekend or heading out into our beautiful backyard to explore? #TGIF @ British Colu… https://t.co/ocom3YLxwC

Thank you to @BCGovFireInfo and all of their service teams who work so hard to keep us safe. This is footage shot b… https://t.co/BJSrU9kfKz

What’s not to love about a road trip with your best pals? Check out the full video on our Vimeo page! @ Beautiful… https://t.co/dJ44gQ4OAY

Who else is cheering for England today? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #worldcup

If you think travel is dangerous. Try routine. It’s lethal. @ Hornby Island https://t.co/mWH9wcyWu5

For this week's #TimelineTuesday, we're working on a video to highlight many of the great businesses and areas in t… https://t.co/PYZ18gO9qM

We’re cleaning out our office! We’re selling these action figures. Take these nerdy little dudes home with you. Mak… https://t.co/8Ad4qcwquH

Nothing like a Monday morning when we’re tearing up from watching footage of a dad’s first look with his daughter. 😭😭 #rewind #weddingseason