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Hi guys, it’s Hope here!
The shiny, new Production and Communications Manager.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of me around the interwebs. With a background in marketing and event management, it’s my hope (HA! – Hope Jokes!) that this position will allow me to explore destination marketing and event planning from a new, technology based perspective. I’m pretty stoked about this new gig and to practice adult-ing with the Joy Factory team.

My first week has been a whirl wind of fun with a big learning curve about the film production industry. Basically, imagine me asking Calvin to repeat what kind of camera that is and what it can do… over and over. I’ve jumped both feet first into conducting a social media audit, creating a production scheduling system and updating our Google calendar, to chatting with prospective clients, and booking shoots for the next couple of weeks. Oh yeah, and learning about the ins and outs of using drones. (WHAT. SO COOL!)

It was like Christmas here with lots of exciting deliveries coming in, including a new MacBook Air and a Ronin Camera Stabilizer. I got some beautiful Sennheiser headphones – now my audio sounds absolutely pristine. (How have I lived this long without them?)

Meet McRonin, our new camera stabilizer. We named him. Its great. Other great stuff included Neil creating a comic strip for my first day at the office. At the Kamloops Innovation’s 10@10, the Joy Factory team dominated in a creative pipe cleaning contest. After I’m all settled in, I will host my own 10@10 – maybe I’ll tell the gang about some TED anecdotes from last month!

My first film shoot was with the team at Mark’s Work Wearhouse for Thompson Rivers University’s Education and Skills Training Program (SO EXCITING).

We also visited the U-PREP Centre at Thompson Rivers University to document their homework sessions aiding high school student’s education.

And to top it off, I’ve quickly discovered that we’re a pretty quirky bunch.
The good news is that I’m going to fit in just fine.