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You may think that Joy Factory has a powerhouse sized team with the amount of work we are producing on a weekly basis for our treasured clients. In reality, we are just a small, hardworking team of five. (Five super stars, I should say!) With my recent transition into the company, I’ve conquered Nathan’s desk space. So now our owner/operator, Nathan Froese is now transitioning into his home office. In the meantime, Nate is utilizing the co-working space at the Kamloops Innovation office.

So, I thought I’d share with you a few reasons why co-working might be a great next step for you. Whether you are a serial entrepreneur, a small business owner, or an independent contractor, co-working offers multiple benefits for your BIG ideas.

Co-working (kōˈwərkiNG, noun) can be defined as, “the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.

Freedom To Roam

With technology at its highest and constantly updating every day, it is becoming easier and easier to work wherever we please. Whether that looks like travelling around the world with a laptop (SIGN ME UP), or by cocooning with our ideas on the couch at home (Yes, please). Co-working allows you to drop-in as you please or to maintain a consistent weekly schedule. By sharing an office with other like-minded business professionals, you won’t have to sign up for a long term lease and you’ll maintain freedom and flexibility.


Because you most likely do not have to report to anyone but yourself, one of the hardest parts of being self-employed is finding the motivation to get started with your day. Sometimes, having other people around helps to keep your inspiration and enthusiasm high. By sharing your plans and goals with others, you’ll be held accountable for your startup’s progress.


There’s never a dull day in co-working. As it’s close to the entrance to the office, there are plenty of people coming and going with stories to tell. Perhaps they are sharing something random that happened during their day or week, a project that they’re working on, or a crazy client that they’re having to deal with. Laughs are plentiful in this space! Throw in 10 @ 10 on Tuesdays and the free cookies that usually come along with it, and you can’t help but be entertained.

Community Spirit

Not only is working by yourself often tiring, eventually you may be struck with downright loneliness. Even if you’re a bit of an introvert, all of us are social creatures at heart and enjoy some camaraderie. We look to others to share our victories, discuss our defeats and take in advice. What better place to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit than with other like-minded people?

Sometimes, it can take an extensive amount of time and energy to figure out solutions to our problems. By being in a collaborative work environment, you can reach out to other entrepreneurs to get their advice. Often times, they will have experienced a similar issue and may offer a creative solution or practical suggestions.

Lower Costs

You’ll save on transportation, rent, furniture, equipment, costs, and minimal day to day costs, such as printing. As co-working utilizes a shared environment, the costs will be far less than a private office or a home office. By enjoying the covenience of an up to date, friendly space to show up to or to meet with your clients, it is financially easier to maintain a presence with your business.


You’re way closer to the entrepreneurial fuel than most of the office. (Bonus points!)

Photo Credit: Owen Imagining Photography

There are many great reasons why co-working could benefit you and your business. I’d highly recommend that you stop by for a visit and check it out. Don’t forget to stop by the Joy Factory and say hello!

(Thank you to Owen Imaging Photography for the use of these photographs!)