As I mentioned in my very first Joy Factory blog, we have recently acquired a DJI Ronin to help our team capture incredible action and movement shots. This fantastic piece of equipment is just grand. It supports cameras that are up to sixteen pounds, has a precision of control of ±0.02°, a tool-less balance adjustment system and a transmitter for remote panning and tilt control. It has different settings too! Like the briefcase mode, to get the perfect shot while walking through a narrow pathway or if in a tight space.

You may be wondering if there could be a downside with this impressive piece of technology. Well, kind of. The Ronin weighs 4.20 kilograms, or 9.26 pounds and is made out of aluminum alloy. Oooooh. Ahhhhhh.

Yeah, its heavy. Sometimes our job allows us to be outdoors all across beautiful British Columbia and the Thompson Nicola region. Work perks! But, we all agree that using the Ronin is definitely a core and upper body workout. We bond about talking about how tired we are at the end of a shoot.

We’ve even considered making a funny short about exercising with it in 80’s sportswear. So, stay tuned for that. 

All in all, the Ronin has great value for the price point. The weight issue, well, its worth it. Just this week, our team was at a beautiful lookout over the municipality of Logan Lake capturing some footage of hiking. It helped us to capture our two actors walking through some wildflowers. The shots look absolutely incredible.

So yeah, the Joy Factory team gives this gimbal setup and our summer bods two thumbs up.