Sometimes, the Joy Factory Films team receives a project where we have total creative control. It isn’t often but when this does happen, we are able to plan every little detail, write every single piece of copy used, carefully select every location, and take advantage of every stream of sunlight coming in through the shutter.

It is exciting. Thrilling. Riveting. Maybe only for film geeks like us, but still, RIVETING.
We end up working very long days, barely eating any food or drinking enough water, and WE LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

Every moment is incredible to be a part of. Imagine feeling the adrenaline of being exhausted beyond belief, but seeing a last bit of golden hour light over the mountainside and running off to shoot another clip… As Josef articulated so clearly in the heat of a filming moment on this trip – “THIS IS THE STUFF THAT I LIVE FOR.”

In June, we had the opportunity to film four different video projects over the course of three jam packed days. Slightly crazy, maybe innovative, no, probably more crazy – but you can take your pick.
We were planning to work on several videos for one specific client, but we were lucky enough to strike a deal with River City Nissan (Yes, this is a shout out!) to let us borrow a shiny, new Armada in exchange for creating a car commercial in return. Of course, we had to take up this opportunity!

While this is not our first car commercial that Joy Factory produced, it was the first one where we could create whatever our geeky little hearts desired. All of us were in awe of a Mark’s Work Wearhouse commercial that recently aired and was filmed in the Cache Creek and Ashcroft areas. Using this as our main source of inspiration, our goal was to create a high impact, cinematic piece. We filmed this project at multiple locations, including Sundance Guest Ranch in Ashcroft, along Highway 97 and Loon Lake Road outside of Clinton, and along Highway 1 near Lillooet.

Here’s what the film fam said about working on this project.

We filmed the Nissan commercial while filming multiple other projects at the same time. It challenged Liam and I, but not due to time constraints. That was Hope’s job. The real challenge for me was finding the mental strength to put in extra effort amidst pressures from other shoots. Changing my focus, flipping between styles from one project to another, took a level of concentration and dedication that I had not previously reached. Filming the Nissan commercial has left me with a higher creative endurance, and an appreciation for those who film cars for a living.
– Josef Perszon, Cinematographer/Editor

“I like the deer shot.” 
– Liam Hall, Senior Cinematographer/Editor

Just kidding… He also said this…

“Having a C200 to shoot the project on is definitely a highlight, the camera is amazing and the Cinema Light Raw codec is amazing to grade with. It handles the lower light stuff great which helped as we had the idea to shoot a bunch of it during sunset. We had to shoot the commercial while filming another project at the same time over a three day period which was pretty hectic.. Shout out Hope and Josef!”
– Liam Hall, Senior Cinematographer/Editor

And from me, well, I’d have to say it is pretty amazing to feel the exhilarating energy while we were shooting this production and then to see this final product come together after so much hard work. I can’t tell you how many times I was cleaning windows, switching license plates on and off, and wiping down muddy rims on the side of a highway. The chaos of a few hard days was worth it. It always is. In the name of creativity, am I right?

As Petra Hansen-Adamidis once wrote, “Our creativity is worth more than the products that are produced. Creativity links us to our one-of-a-kindness.” I think we can all relate to this on some level.

But enough chatting about it, here is the video we produced for River City Nissan!