A hot topic in our industry for the past few years has been the emergence of drones as a viable (and amazing) way of capturing footage. The leap forward in technology has made purchasing a flying these wonderous pieces of machinery incredibly accessible!

So we’re going to buy one, right?

Yes. Well….maybe…it depends.

As with anything new and awesome, there have been setbacks, most notably with operators flying them into people’s heads, which has understandably helped drive up insurance costs. When I asked Rob, my insurance guy, about it, he quoted a policy that would cost usĀ as much a year as the drone itself.

The biggest hurdle to getting in the air is clearance from Transport Canada, which has limited using drones for commercial use with some rather large restrictions including no flying around built-up areas or highways, over crowds, and the one that affects us the most, no flying within 9km of an airport. How much area is that? East to West that’s from the start of Valleyview to Tobiano, and North to South from halfway into Westsyde to the top of Aberdeen. You can get around this by getting a permit from Transport Canada to fly on a specific day, but need to plan 6-8 weeks in advance as that’s how long it can take.

So, how do you get great drone footage then? You hire a new company that specializes in it! Exhibit A: this past weekend we went up to Johnson Lake and I decided to bring Hummingbird Drones out for their first ever shoot. They’re a new company of recent TRU graduates that just moved into the Kamloops Innovation Centre and are making cool things happen in the forest fire industry, but they are also looking to branch out and film for companies like ours. The footage we got is nothing short of stunning and will make the resulting edit look awesome. Really looking forward to working with them again as well as releasing the edit, but in the mean time, check out a few screen grabs from the shoot!


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