The Discover the World in Technology Society is thrilled to be hosting the fifteenth annual, hands-on workshop, “Discovering the World of IT”, focusing on the benefits of a career in IT on November 21st to 22nd, 2017 at the Henry Grube Educational Centre. All of us here at Joy Factory Films are excited to participate with this event for the fourth consecutive time.

Due to popular demand, this technology focused learning day has grown to include both boys and girls through grades 8-10, including students from Kamloops, Aschroft, Cache Creek, Lilloett, Lytton, Merritt, Salmon Arm, Revelstoke, Barriere, Clearwater, Chase, Vernon, and Logan Lake.

These students will be connected to professionals from the community who work in all manner of IT role through interactive workshops and mentoring. The workshops are presented by men and women currently working in IT and allow for these students to try a practical and hands on opportunity. These sessions will include activities such as computer programming, digital video technology and processing, drones, and 3D animation.

A highlight of the day will be to have a mentor focused lunch IT professionals form the community will sit down with these students and talk about their experiences and the path that brought them to their role in IT.

Our team, Neil, Liam, and Nathan are going to present how to stage and film an interview. Filming an interview is more than just answering questions. It requires a good interviewer, who understands the social aspects of interviewing and can make the interviewee feel at ease. There are lots of things to think about as well, including levels of background noise and what kind of activity is going on in the background.  Hope will be attending the mentor luncheon and is keen to chat about her job with emerging young minds. And of course, we are really excited to network and collaborate with other techies from the Kamloops area as well!

Nathan, our fearless leader, had this to say about his past experiences with this event, “DWIT is a neat opportunity to showcase a lot of what’s involved behind the scenes in filming and editing to a large group of youth. While they may not all find interest in it, there’s always a few kids each year that find little pieces of inspiration in our talks; kids that are interested in filming and maybe we can point out something they may have missed or give them tips on where they should focus their energy when it comes to editing. Even changing the perspective of one youth can make all the difference. Plus we usually have tacos for lunch… which is nice!

It is always surprising to see not only the level of enthusiasm kids have, but also the skills and knowledge they have on all the different aspects of technology at DWIT. A lot has changed since we were teenagers, and the next generation is certainly keeping up with it all,” says Neil, our jack-of-all-trades and graphic designer.

Registration is still open for this awesome gathering of young, impressionable minds. For more information, please contact Corrie Tucker, DWIT Media Relations, at, or alternatively, e-mail