There are many reasons to celebrate today. Our fellow nerds across the intergalactic universe are rejoicing with the well known Star Wars Day. Yes, very exciting. And even more exciting, Joy Factory Films Inc is celebrating the fact that we, as a small, local business in the Thompson Nicola Region, have circumnavigated the sun eight times! Can you believe it?!

The origin story behind Joy Factory goes a little something like Nate and Joey loved filming stuff, decided to try and make a go of it. Before they knew it, the duo travelled to tropical beaches for destination weddings, to Los Angeles for a K2 Inline Skate promo, and even once to China to work with an university institution.

In our own backyard, we captured the behind the scenes of international film productions in Ashcroft, to hiking behind waterfalls in Wells Grey Provincial Park to documenting the rejuvenation of communities after the devastation of forest fires and floods. We’ve seen our beloved Kamloops grow up along with us too. The tourism industry in our area is booming, with new housing developments enhancing our diverse skyline, and we’re seeing different trades focused businesses expanding. Not to mention, who ISN’T getting married lately?

We’ve ebbed and flowed to just Nathan at the helm of the ship, to hiring our first employee, (aka #FacesofNeil), to expanding slowly over the years to have a total of six talented friends in the office. One of whom almost every single one of you mistakenly calls Joy. Hilarious. You guys remember Calvin, right? It is his birthday today too! Fun fact – he works remotely for us since he moved to Vancouver last year.

Starting out with a couple of standard DSLR cameras back in the day and adding drones to our visual arsenal, now we’re awaiting the expected delivery of our new baby – a shiny, new C200. Any day now. *drools* 

We’ll tell you a little bit more about it in a few weeks, but this summer, we are launching some exciting new products. We won’t just be your favourite film company – OH NO. We’ll be available for professional photography, strategic branding and marketing consulting, graphic design services, and social media marketing management. OH, YEAH.

And you know, all we can really ask for, is what we already have. When we have been on a shoot in the desert heat of summer for over ten hours, exhausted and sweaty, but finally look up to see an incredible sunset… Or suddenly looking around to realize that we’re on top of mountain filming a good group of Canadian kids enjoying the scenery for a promo… Or witnessing two wonderful people declare their love for each other in front of their closest friends and family… It is about those moments when we can stop and think to ourselves, “Wow, am I really getting paid for this?”

So, hey, if you’re reading this post right to the bitter sweet end… One. Wow, you’re a champ! And two, thank you for your support. Without a great community with people like you, we wouldn’t be slicing into a chocolate quinoa cake and making sarcastic jokes today.