As you’ve probably seen through our social media feeds, we create a lot of content for our neighbours at Gold Country Communities Society. If you’re not familiar with who or what Gold Country is – well, it is a regional destination marketing organization that promotes growth in the tourism industry! Spanning from Savona and Logan Lake to the Bonaparte Plateau – including Clinton, Loon Lake, Big Bar –  to Lillooet, down to Lytton, and over to Merritt and the Quilchena area… We’ve put a lot of kilometres in and seen nearly every attraction and accommodation – at least twice! 

Since we’re self proclaimed experts, we thought we’d share some of our favourite gems with you. It would almost be criminal not to, thinking back on all of the stunning views we’ve soaked in and all of the fun we’ve had working with so many great local businesses.

#1. Horsting’s Farm Market
Located outside of Cache Creek with 85 acres of homegrown freshness, every piece of pie and potato bread is from scratch, on site, and with so much love. It is not a successful filming trip for us if we don’t stop for a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie or one of their mouthwatering sandwiches.

#2. Siwash Wilderness Resort 
Just outside of 70 Mile House, this magical eco-friendly resort is an absolute dream to visit. Specializing in luxury wilderness adventures, Siwash is a total 5 star dream come true – from hiking to horseback riding to canoeing, to incredible dining and tear jerking sunrises and sunsets. We can’t wait to visit this amazing area again in Summer 2018!

#3. Historic Hat Creek Ranch
Take an adventure into the 1890s with historically accurate theatre experiences, authentic gold panning, learning about First Nations culture, and even stage coach rides! Faces of Neil (aka Neil) is also a big fan of petting the goats and horses here.

#4. Clinton Coffee House
Heading up north through Clinton, we always need to stop at the Coffee House to visit Dave. He makes the best lattes around and fun fact, he is also a talented musician! The Coffee House is a quick stop over off the highway and surrounded by tons of great antique shops.

#5. Desert Daze Music Festival
No summer vacation is complete without a music festival, right?! Located in the small community of Spences Bridge, the Desert Daze Music Festival is nothing short of good times, some tasty barbecued meats, a little face painting, and if you’re lucky, a visit with a parrot.

It goes without saying that tourism is one of the most important economic drivers in British Columbia. With nearly 20,000 businesses, ranging from large corporations to mom and pop ventures, that employ over 130,000 skilled individuals, British Columbia has a solid framework in place to show off all of its incredible assets.

We could go on and on, divulge a few of our favourite fishing spots, where the best bannock burgers are, or the best campsite with a view. Maybe we’ll save that for another blog post. …Or maybe you’ll have to find out for yourself!

If you haven’t explored the Gold Country area, we highly recommend that you take a weekend to go on an adventure of your own!