Well, the word is out. Our lead editor and cinematographer, Calvin, is moving to Vancouver. He will be working for us from his satellite office …aka his new flat in East Van. We will definitely be missing him.

Because we’re all a little socially awkward around here, Neil made a special comic and Nathan wrote a little tribute. *ahem*

In late 2011, Joy Factory Films was looking to expand as we were becoming overrun with projects and we needed to find someone to fill basic edits every week to help keep up. I emailed the Arts Institute of Vancouver to see if they had any current or graduated students in mind that could fit the roll and received two resumes: Calvin Kuntz and Anny Butt. After watching Calvin’s demo reel I decided he was more than likely the more qualified of the two and gave him a super exciting project to work on – NRI training videos. At the same time I had given an edit to a self-taught editor in town that did mostly ski videos. Calvin finished his six minute edit in less than a week with no assistance… It took the other editor a month and a half to complete his 90s’ edit. Calvin won again and secured a part-time editing position with the Joy Factory.

This continued for most of the year until Joey informed me in September he wanted out of the company and I was faced with a decision: sell everything and quit, or learn to film and edit by myself while also shipping footage to Vancouver for him to edit, making him the full-time editor for the company. I called him to ask and he was excited for the opportunity. So, I felt it was worth it to keep it going. His first big edit was for the TRU Science Department and after I spent two months filming I handed over the footage to him hoping for the best… and he knocked it out of the park! We never looked back!

In April of 2014, Calvin moved up to Kamloops to start full time as our lead editor and cinematographer, taking a leap of faith to be in a city where he knew no one for a company that was still in its infancy. This would lead to us entering the Kamloops Innovation Centre, so that he could be around other likeminded people and not have to edit in a basement suite all day.

It would be fair to say that the Joy Factory would not be anywhere near what it is today without Calvin’s skill, knowledge and drive to improve and keep learning every day. He’s the reason we have animation as a product and, combined with Neil’s skillset, has created an integral part of the company. His attention to detail for each shot to make sure they’re consistent lends itself to a professional manner on set and our videos are better for it.

Calvin will be returning to Vancouver this Summer and while he’ll still be working for us in a part-time manner, he’ll be missed on shoots and in the office.

Best of luck in Van!

– Nathan