I decided to wrap up my weekend this Sunday by checking out local up-and-comers Gleneagle at Red Beard in order to 1) get some stock footage, 2) get some practice using our awesome cameras as actual photo cameras, and 3) enjoy a great show because live music is awesome.  The footage looks pretty darn good, my photography needs work, and most importantly, the guys didn’t disappoint, putting on a tight set with some great folk-rock. National Classic (the title track on the album) is quickly becoming a new favourite of mine, but I also enjoyed a song I believe is called Part 1/Part 2, which had more than a few people in the crowd dancing or clapping along.

If there’s a favourite thing I have to film, it’s definitely live music. This goes back to some of the first events I captured, from Paul Filek and Andrew Allen, to my great friend Aaron Spohr, to one of first, most popular and still one of my favourite edits, SharksFest with Sharks! On Fire!, and Alive. I still try and catch the shows of the members of those now defunct bands whenever playing in town as they’re all quality humans, hence checking out Gleaneagle as Dan Hum (great dude) is their drummer.

So, if you happen to see these guys on the docket at a concert, make sure you catch their set. They put on an enjoyable show that will guarantee to have you at the very least stomping a foot or bobbing your head along, and if you feel so inclined, you can purchase their album here, or give it a listen below.

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