Teaching has always been something that I’ve hoped becomes part of my life as time goes on. I feel that it may be ingrained in my psyche, as both my parents were teachers; my dad taught Math, Career Prep and was a basketball coach at Sahali, while my mom shaped young minds at Juniper Ridge, being the best Kindergarten teacher in history (I might be slightly biased).

There’s just something incredibly rewarding about giving back to young minds and helping instil wisdom on those pining to absorb it. What wisdom do I have to offer? Well that remains to be seen. One of the presentations I had a few years ago was lamenting how much I despise doing accounting, another was telling prospective marketing students that if they were getting into sales to just “not be jerks”.

Despite these obvious deficiencies, I feel that my knowledge of growing a marketing business would be beneficial to the students of today. How many other TRU grads have 1) started a film company and 2) have taken the same courses they have. With actual knowledge to apply to the material, I feel that I’d have a lot to add the curriculum. “Here’s what you’ve learned, and here’s how I learned that exact same thing and applied it to a video”. I feel that it would be great to add basic video editing and production elements into a marketing curriculum as well as today’s marketers need to have an even wider range of applicable skills, and even knowing the basics of how to not cross axis when interviewing someone with two camera angles, or basic three point lighting setups, or intro to using a program like Final Cut or Adobe Premiere would go along way in creating even more employable marketing students.

It may be just a dream, but I really hope one day to make that dream a reality.