Every so often, we send out a mass call for actors or models for a specific project. We receive a lot of e-mails and inquiries on our social media accounts about how to apply for these positions.
Imagine how many e-mails we open with people who are really excited to come horseback riding with us at Echo Valley Guest Ranch or to sip a satisfying, red wine on the patio at Fort Berens – all on camera, of course.

It is a pretty fun gig, I’ll admit – plus hanging out with the film fam isn’t too shabby either.

Here are some helpful tips for you to keep in mind when you’re applying to a Joy Factory production (or any production – in general).

1. Basic E-Mail Etiquette
Make sure the subject line of your e-mail clearly communicates which call you are applying to. Be mindful that your e-mail has both a body of text that is relevant to the call and clearly displays your e-mail and phone number.

2. File Organization
A suggested file name for your creative resume and your headshot could look like this: LastName_FirstName_ProductionTitle_2018/05/25
Both of these items should be attached to your e-mail and send in a .pdf and .jpg format.

3. Your Acting Resume
Always be honest about your professional background. Whether or not you have relevant experience, your creative resume should include as much of the following as possible:

– Your up-to-date contact information
– Physical attributes (Ex. Height, hair colour, eye colour, etc)
– Memberships to any acing organizations or unions (Ex. Union of BC Performers)
– Professional acting agencies or recruiters that you utilize (if applicable)
– Past experience (Ex. Theatre productions, movie roles, television appearances, etc)
– Education (Ex. Formal acting classes)
– Training courses (Ex. Playing musical instruments, public speaking, singing, etc)
– Primary acting skills (Ex. Voice skills, combat skills and other credentials)
– Know your role type (Answer questions like “Are you comfortable speaking on camera? Are you best fit for a leading role, supporting role, or voiceover parts?”)

4. Your Headshot
Most acting resumes have a headshot included and cut to size. This gives agents and directors an idea of your appearance. Make sure you update your headshot every time your appearance changes. If you are submitting this digitally, make sure that this image file is saved in a .jpeg format and is not incredibly huge.

 These four aspects of your application are critical and if applied correctly, will help you stand out amongst the crowd.

Keep your eyes open for our talent calls. We often mass e-mail actors and models that we have on file, as well cross post on our social media accounts. So, be sure to give us a follow! If you are interested in having your contact information on our database of local actors, please e-mail your above credentials to joyfactorymodels@gmail.com.