For this week’s member feature, you can learn some more about Calvin!
If you recall from a recent blog post, Calvin moved from Vancouver to work with us in Kamloops when the Joy Factory was in its infancy, but he’s recently made the move back to Vancouver. Now, he’s working on set for a much larger production and helping us with our animations and edits in his free time. Overall, he’s a pretty rad dude! We miss Calvin a ton!

What is your name and position with the Joy Factory Films team?

Hi, I’m Calvin. I am an editor and handle all motion graphics!

Tell us about your educational and career related background. 

I studied film production in Vancouver way back in 2011, and started editing projects remotely with Joy Factory.  Eventually I moved to Kamloops to work with Joy Factory full time and now I’m back in Vancouver working remotely after my girlfriend got a job here.  I tend to move around… a lot.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Over the past year, we’ve started to get more animation and motion graphics projects.  Neil and I are really trying to push our creative skills to make each one better than the last.  There are so many variables with traditional filming (weather, location, camera gear), so it’s interesting when the only limitation is your skill level.

If you were the head of a major TV station for one day, what would you play?

I have been addicted to Adventure Time lately, so Jake and Finn 24/7!

Give us some homework. What is one film (or theatrical play) that everyone needs to see?

Modern Times – Charlie Chaplin.  There’s something special about silent films – being even more dependent on visuals to tell the story.

What was your dream job growing up? 

Making movies!

What are three things still left to do on your bucket list? 

Sail on the tall ship Bark Europa to Antarctica. Visit New Zealand. Get around to reading all the books I own. (Some day…)

Name at least one famous person (deceased or still living) that you would like to spend a day with. 

Terry Gilliam.  The worlds he creates in his movies are always full of detail.  Also he’s from Monty Python so I’m sure he’s got some awesome stories to tell!