Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to July of last year, when Nate created this beautiful dedication to our beloved hometown.
Take about a minute here and watch this short film
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Needless to say, we are proud to be Kamloopsians – to explore here, to thrive here, and do business here with lots of other neat entrepreneurs.

We know there are so many rad things about this city, from browsing through stacks of records at Barnacle, catching a sunrise over the mountainous brothers, Peter and Paul, to sipping a cool, craft beer on Red Collar’s patio in the summer.

We challenge you, dear creative souls of Kamloops, to show us what you see in the world around you. Show us the Kamloops that we all know and love… and show us the undiscovered, exciting pieces too. Post your photographs on Instagram with the hashtag #mycitymonday, and you guessed it, every Monday, we will post an entry. There’ll be some awesome swag in it for you too, don’t worry!