The pure epitome of Kamloops shined through at the 2nd annual Brew Loops: A Skookum Cascadian Brewski Convention.

 From September 27th to October 1st, there were so many nifty pop-up events, meet-ups, and all out parties all over this beautiful city in support of a great non-profit, Western Canada Theatre. The Joy Factory gang, along with Stacey Krolow Photography, had the pleasure of visiting the Brewloops Block Party last Friday night.

We were not disappointed. 

Because Brewloops is for spending time with friends who are like family.

Saying “cheers” to trying new and exciting beers! 

Anxiously waiting for your name to be called…To stuffing your face with decadent treats and fried good-ness. 
For falling in love over and over again…

To sharing a belly aching laugh.
To dancing the night away to all of your favourite bands.
And feeling like a kid again…

Because its safe to say that at Brewloops, everyone around you is a friendly neighbour and every day feels just as exciting as Christmas morning.

Photographs Courtesy of Stacey Krolow Photography