We’ve recently entered into another exciting avenue for the Joy Factory by attempting a foray into the world of podcasts! It’s always fun to dive into something head first without really knowing the outcome, and fortunately podcasts don’t have the highest barriers to entry. Do you have a recorder? Can you be somewhat interesting? Podcasts may be for you!

We’re really hoping it adds another element and insight into the company so everyone can get to know us better, have a laugh and maybe learn a thing or two. In the long run, I hope to translate this into larger and more in-depth interviews with a variety of characters, starting with those that work KIC and run businesses.

If you’re interested in being a part of one, let me know! So far we’ve talked movies, a little bit about KIC, more movies and the last one we recorded was on video games (out later this week, if I find time to edit it). I’m hoping on the next one to get Cait MacKinlay and Amanda Chan to talk about Women-in-Tech and/or the neat stuff they’re doing with the United Way, or maybe Dan from Truvian can give us an in-depth look into the mapping and data, or I can get Roz or the Exposure ladies to talk photography – the possibilities are pretty much endless!

In the meantime, check out the aforementioned podcasts we’ve completed on our blog page, or on soundcloud at soundcloud.com/joyfactoryfilms