5 years ago today I wrote the below Facebook Note (yes, that used to be a thing) about a day that just seemed to have an energy about it, like it was more important than any other, but I couldn’t quite place it.

“I woke up this morning in a rush – fun nights don’t make for fun mornings. The snooze was hit 4 times…5, before finally being turned off so I could get up, and by getting up I mean fall asleep for another 20 minutes while trying to get up. Brush, shower, latherrinserepeat, pants, shirt, hair, laces, coffeecoffecoffee. The line at Tim’s was long and slow moving but even if you’re running late, there somehow is always time for caffeine. A meeting, more coffee, price quotes and ideas (it’s just happened so fast). Did I just make my first sale? No time to be excited, the to-do list is long. Bank, another bank, an hour to kill is interrupted by a chance meeting of a planned meeting for later. Think, regroup; the product needs to be researched but my mind is wandering, hung up on a drink purchased the previous night and the implied reasons behind it. It was all so surreal…will she be back next week? I can’t believe she requested THAT song – I love that song. Focus! An appointment is afoot, no time for recall. Hair: elegantly disheveled. Lunch: spinach, chicken, soup and deliciousness. An hour and half is just enough to start on some requests for next week’s open mic. Ack, I’m late! Another meeting means another coffee, more ideas, more excited. Search, sunroof encounters, my old bosses house and the future displayed as if it’s a thing of the past – terrible…atrocious even. We’re going to kill it, there’s no doubt. Done work, time for exercise. Quit dicking around and fire the damn ball. Dinner, hockey games, beer and bed. Time to relax and get lost in Lost. Can’t sleep…that girl, something about that girl…or maybe it’s the litre of coffee I drank. I don’t know but I know this:

It isn’t clear how yet, but I know that the last 24 hours somehow contained the most important moments of my life. Somehow, it all just makes sense for the first time in a long time.

Life makes me happy.”

I’d find out the following day, in my meeting with our lawyer, that May 5th was the official birthday of Joy Factory Films Inc, explaining immediately why that day felt so important. It was the official beginning of the company and while there had been many moments before that warranted celebration – the first concept at Fox ’n Hounds; the arrival of our T2is; our first pitch for VK Business Corral – this one just felt right, like we were finally on our way.

The years that would follow were filled with plenty of highs and amazing experiences, and lot of battles to prove that we could do it, to prove we’d make it, to prove it was worth the effort, and five years in, I can honestly say it was. I feel like this company has helped usher in a better age of film and technology in our region. Are we solely responsible? Definitely not, as there are many other companies and talented people that have driven this forward, but I feel as if we were, and will continue to be, a key piece of the puzzle.

The video below is just a small thank you to those that have hired us, helped us, and cheered us on. Obviously it’s missing many, and I apologize for that, but I wanted to keep it short and if I thanked every one of our clients, family and friends, it would go on forever and ever as I can’t thank you enough. We love you all so much and making to five years is as much about all of you that believed in us as it is about our hard work, talent and dedication.

Thank you


This is the end of the beginning. Here’s to the next exciting and challenging chapter!