I haven’t forgotten what my marketing professor said in my second year of university, “Marketing is everything and everything is marketing.”

Okay, okay, yeah, that sounds nice and all – but what does that really mean?

Before I jump down a rabbit hole of excited nerdy lingo here, let’s sum it up by saying that each and every action you take as a business owner or marketer needs to be carefully calculated – because the smallest of details, from your handshake in a client meeting, to your e-mail signature, to your catchy tagline or motto – that’s all a part of how you market your business.

How you are interacting with your potential customers and what those customers don’t know that they are looking for, is a two-way relationship – also known as engagement.

Engagement is a vital part of your marketing strategy, whether you realize it or not. Try not to think of this buzzword as a one-time interaction, such as a ‘like’ or comment on an Instagram post. Think bigger picture here, as in building your brand’s awareness, and a long term relationship with each and every interested customer. Enable movement up the relationship pyramid from just hearing about what you’re up to through the grapevine to becoming a heartfelt ambassador with repeat business interactions.

Content creation is hard enough, while constructing appealing, likeable content that reflects who/what/why your brand may seem like its on another level.

Let’s break this down further by talking about the four E’s of Engaging Content.

First off, the content that you are creating, whether this looks like high quality photographs or effective videos, must be entertaining. Think about how you can portray your most real, authentic business persona while also demonstrating that you are credible.

Next up, is empowerment. Using copy, text, or a caption that motivates your audience to utilize your product/service to become a better version of themselves is key. Equally important is acknowledging the need that you will be able to satisfy.

Don’t forget to explain all of the details in a short, concise manner. Overwhelming your target market with TOO much text or a really long web URL is clunky and will actually repel your intentions.

Curate content that will inspire your audience to take on new things, new challenges, and take the first leap to try what you’re offering. Including a learning component, like a free webinar or podcast, is a bonus to heighten your audience’s involvement with your content and brand. All in all, some form of education is a great way to start a conversation with your business’s target persona.

Your key takeaways here are just as I’ve highlighted, these four concepts to include in the content creation of your business’s marketing strategy.

Ensure your marketing coordinator or intern, or third party contractor is curating content with a deliberate plan to align with some SMART goals for an enhanced return on investment. Keep in mind what your needs are and build out this part of your business with intention and at your own pace.

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