As with any creative project, there is always a process of really honing in on a concept or idea. For us, it means that we are meeting with our clients to discuss their vision as well as keeping an open line of communication for feedback, requests and finalizing a project. Our team starts off by preparing schedules, sourcing locations, sometimes contacting a third party for an interview or drafting the perfect questions to draw out the story that we’re looking for.

Sometimes it just feels like a haze when we are in the thick of our own creative process. You know that feeling of “Whoa, is this really happening?” or “Oh yeah, that’s totally not what I expected” – but somehow it turns out even better than previously imagined?
Yeah, that happens to us – ha.

Picasso once said, “I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.” So if one of my favourite artist can back me up on this point, it must be a legit part of the creative process.

But anyways, the long winded point I’m just trying to get at here, is that our film fam spends the majority of our time behind a Mac screen, with our eyes glued to Adobe Premiere Pro. Basically, all we do is edit. 

Depending on the day, it can look like masking out a blemish on someone’s headshot in Photoshop. Or colour grading an already stunningly blue lake in some tourism footy. …That’s what Liam calls footage, FYI. Or in my case, it means writing, re-writing, checking and double checking copy for an Instagram post. Yeah, it means a lot of time spent sitting at a desk. Sometimes a whole day’s work passes by in a split second, sometimes it doesn’t.

Okay, okay, back to the point of this blog post. I thought it would be fun to share with you all what we’re listening to while we’re working. What really gets our left and right brain synapsing in synchronicity… besides the numerous walks up the street for coffee.

I could look over at Nate at any given time of day, and he’ll be at his standing desk with his wireless Sennheisers, lost in the depths of Monstercat’s Youtube channel.
Pro tip: Something about EDM podcasts just gets all of that accounting done, I tell ya.

Neil’s usually got some good ol’ rock and roll or a Simpsons podcast on. But for all intents and purposes when I asked him, “What are you listening to?” he sent me this. Nothing quite as awesome as Nyan Cat. Classic Neil.

Liam is an avid snowboarder and film enthusiast. Combining his love for both has contributed heavily to his crew, Put It In The Bowl. Sometimes, he is sourcing music for a current work project on third party music provider like Music Bed or Art List. More often than not, he’s surfing music for a Bowl edit. Every once in a while he’ll send me a song in excitement to check out. Speaking of which, have you seen Liam’s latest Bowl edit from up at Sunshine Village?

Joe, our token prodigy of the group, is always improving his skills while on the job. He’s a big fan of Sam and Niko’s Youtube Channel and usually has one of these on the go. I know that he’s really into gaming PubG right now. Check this one out!

For me, I’ve almost always got my headphones on, listening to a 99% Percent Invisible podcast or exploring a new artist on Spotify. See our post on top podcasts you need in your life right now. I’m a big fan of Spotify as its easy to curate a playlist or find music that is similar to my tastes – which is literally the kitchen sink. Currently I’m dreaming of September and all of the fun I’m going to have at Skookum Music Festival, so naturally, I’ve got that playlist on repeat. Also, I’d highly recommend that you follow some local guys like Factotum Cassettes & Oddities‘ awesome playlists. While you’re at it, check out The Houses Where We Grew Up, Echo Beach, At Mission Dolores, James and the North Shore, and on… and on… Always a good time.

Tell us, friends. What do you listen to when you are in your own little zone and nothing else matters? I’d love to hear about what keeps your creative juices flowing in the comments below.

As you already know, we’re an eclectic bunch of nerds – and hey, no negative connotation here – Nerds are awesome! Does Nathan’s hardstyle EDM jive with you or perhaps its Liam’s psychedelic, surf jams?

Signing off now, I’ll end with this. Having the opportunity to work in a creative industry is like being awake in a dream. We’re all inherently creative. Yes,  yes, you are. Even if you think you’re not. The way I see it, creativity is a basic biological state to engage in meaningful conversations and the world around us. That’s really, what we get to do every day at the Joy Factory. …And listening to Nyan Cat on repeat for ten hours straight.