Here at the Joy Factory, we are avid beer lovers. Connoisseurs of the craft, if you will.
I believe it was Homer Simpson who once said that beer is, “the cause of and the solution to all of life’s problems.” HA! 

In honour of one of the coolest Kamloops festivals, Brewloops, we thought we’d share our all time favourite beers with you for this week’s blog post.

 It definitely feels like Christmas leading up to tonight’s Block Party! Stay tuned for next week… Perhaps I’ll even write a review about this hip, happening event – just maybe! 


Nathan’s Pick
Four Winds La Maison (Wild Saison)
Produced by Four Winds Brewing in Delta, British Columbia, this brew has a delicately light body with a pale golden hue. This dry table Saison is brewed with spelt and rye, then fermented with wild yeast for notes of pepper and tropical fruit. At 4.5% and 30 IBUs, its available year round on tap and by the bottle. As Nathan says, “It’s friggin’ delicious.”

Neil’s Pick
Olde English with Orange Juice

As your probably know, Neil runs deep with his skateboard gang/startup, Brass Monkeys. A Brass Monkey is not only the name of this awesome clothing and skate label, but its a splash of OJ with Olde English – for the real O-G’s out there. It’s imported. Very fancy.

Josef’s Pick
Red Collar White IPA 

Bringing it back to the local classics, Joe loves the White IPA from Red Collar. This is a beer that bridges continents and blends styles. Built upon the foundation of unsalted wheat, this beer was dry hopped three separate times with Ahtanum and Mosaic hops. The result? A refreshingly light beer with an abundance of berry and grapefruit aromas. At 6.5% and 52 IBUs, this one is offered year round in the tap room and across many British Columbian distributors.


Hope’s Pick
Phillips Brewing Electric Unicorn White IPA

I’m not normally one for IPAs. I will sip any beer once, but with IPAs, you’ll probably find a frown on this face. Not with Victoria based Phillips Brewing Co though, I absolutely love their Electric Unicorn White IPA. It is reminisce of a Belgian style beer with some sweet banana and fruit flavours.  Its not too hoppy for my pallet, and at 6.5%, it’s always a good time. Plus with radical label art and being named after a unicorn, how can you really go wrong?!


Liam’s Pick
Granville Island’s Lion Winter Ale

We all know winter is coming – and soon seasonal ales will be flooding the taps everywhere. Liam loves the complex layers of vanilla, cocoa, and caramel to cozy up with during the long months of winter. At 5.5% and 22 IBUs, this is definitely the ultimate comfort brew. As Liam said, “So crisp. So good.”


So what’s your favourite pint to drink? Tell us in the comments below!

If you didn’t nab your tickets to the Block Party tonight – well, you’ll have major FOMO. Safe to say, that all of us will wish you were beer. Er… here.

Shoutout to Ryan’s Booze and Beer Crank for the awesome stock photographs!