One thing we get asked about constantly is our office space; where do we work out of? When we say KIC, there’s the inventible explanations of what and where it is.

Where it is, is 348 Tranquille, just across the corner from Manshadi Pharmacy and we’ve been here for a year now!

What it is? That’s a bit more of a complicated answer.

The exterior of the Kamloops Innovation Centre currently resembles a warehouse that everyone forgot about (renovations are planned). You walk by and wonder who on earth works in that building. “Wasn’t it a bar called Go Bananas back in the day?” Yes, yes it was.

Come for a peak and you’ll be surprised to see what it houses now, as some of the best and brightest this community has to offer work out of the building. Within it’s walls are designers, programmers, developers, and inquisitive minds challenging daily what it means to work for a technology business in Kamloops.

From Truvian Labs to Zinger Design, Spire to Okam and many more, there’s no shortage of companies that will blow your mind when you find out what they do. How do we fit in to the picture? I have no idea. We’re not really a tech company but we know some people who know some people that have allowed us to work here anyways, and I view it as one of the smartest moves we’ve made as we spent nearly 4 years working from living rooms, parents basements and coffee shops.

If you’re a young entrepreneur looking for space, there’s an awesome area called Coworking that is essentially a coffee shop/basement replacement – a place where you can go and be in a positive work environment to grow your business, surrounded by like-minded individuals. It’s pretty great and I wish it would have been available to use when the Joy Factory started out.

So make sure you stop in and say hi sometime! It’s just a great place to work.